Libtubo Interprocess Communication 4.5.0

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Libtubo Interprocess Communication 4.5.0

The Libtubo library 4.5.0 is small and simple function set to enable a process to run any other process in the background and communicate via the stdout, stderr and stdin file descriptors.

The functionality of libtubo is similar to the glib function g_spawn_async_with_pipes() except that all pipe setup and monitoring is taken care of. The calling function only has to provide the functions with which to process the input/output of the remote process.
The library first appeared in the year 2000 in the xfce3 desktop as part of the xfsamba application, an application to provide a graphical user interface for the smbclient and nmblookup programs of the Samba Suite. Later on, libtubo was integrated into the xfce3 find tool, xfglob in conjuction with the command line program fgr.
During development of xfce4, as the functionality of xfglob and xfsamba was merged with xftree to produce the xffm filemanager, libtubo became the means by which the filemanager handles almost all user requests, such as cp/mv/ln/mount and others.
And now, as the xffm filemanager becomes a set of individual Opensource Codeset Packages, as distinct functionalities are separated into independent packages. Libtubo can be installed and used without the need for installing any other of the Xffm Opensource Codeset applications. API Reference Manual can be examined Documentation>here.

The location of the SVN repository has moved from to
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